Our technology is based on injection-transformed cross linked compounds.


In 1985, Tecnifoam began developing a new line of compounds: micro-expanded EVA. Granulated EVA is a type of compound that was completely designed for the production of items manufactured with injection technologies using cross linked raw materials.

Its most differentiating characteristic is the combined use of low-density compounds (0.1 - 0.35 g / cm3) with good physical and mechanical properties (DIN 53516/77 abrasion, 90/200 mm3) and an excellent touch appearance (hardness 25 + 50 Sha). Granulated EVA compounds can be supplied with the specific requirements needed by the customer in various degrees of hardness, density and colour.
Such compounds are appropriate for a large variety of uses: from shoes and soles to trainers, boots and wheels as well as toys or packaging. Their use is very common in the automotive industry and they can also be found in pools, pool covers and office chairs.


Having a sample production department as well as the possibility of developing test prototypes guarantees that our raw material is already tested prior to being used. This exhaustive quality control is seen by our customers as differential value and generates a high level of satisfaction as this control is what ensures the final success of the product.
This line of compounds has been designed for special technical items known for their exceptional softness, excellent colouring and wear-resistance. The Unichem mission is to promote and spread awareness for these types of products which will soon replace other technologies and materials.
Our customers very positively value the technical service in this sense.

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The innovative combination of EVA compounds covers a wide range of uses in a large number of different industries and activities. Unichem manufactures compounds both for customers with extrusion technologies as well as the moulding of rigid and plasticised compounds as these firms have a very specific use for EVA material which has been created under the premises of density, colour, etc. which the customer requests in advance.
The company has specialised in the formulation of expanded EVA for a long time - both rigid and plasticised EVA for all sectors where it is used in order to offer the utmost customisation in these compounds and, thus, meet our customers' specific needs.
Investment in research and development is an essential part of our firm's vision.

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